For a young person like Coen who has cystic fibrosis (CF), life is a daily battle for survival – and they never get a day off.

Many teenagers struggle to find their way in the world, but kids with CF also have to cope with relentless daily treatments and frequent trips to hospital. They can fall behind on school work and struggle to socialise, and often feel desperately lonely and isolated.

They urgently need your support.

“We have to fight every day to stay alive. If someone can stand behind me, then I can stand and fight this, and try and get as long and as positive a life as I can.”

Please send gift today, so that people like Coen won’t have to fight alone.

Throughout high school, 19 year old Coen lived a very different life to his mates. Every morning he got up at 5am and began a gruelling routine of exercise and medication – tablets, physio and exercise, followed by hours of nebulisers to clear his lungs just so he could breathe. 

He’d often arrive at school late, already exhausted.

After school, when the other kids were busy with friends, Coen faced another round of treatment which left him no time or energy for anything else.

“It was almost like you’d been exiled.”

Often, Coen was too ill to go to school, spending weeks at a time in hospital. When he could get to school, violent coughing fits regularly forced him out of class. He was so exhausted he took naps in the office at lunchtime – all of which made it very hard to fit in.

CF can be an ‘invisible’ disease, and on top of everything Coen had to cope with constant misunderstanding.

“You look so well on the outside, so people look at you and say, ‘You're putting it on, you're just attention seeking.’”

CF takes a terrible toll on people like young Coen, and there’s no respite.

CF is the most common life-shortening recessive genetic condition affecting young Australians, but so few people know what it is – or appreciate the physical, emotional and financial impact it can have. It’s up to us to increase understanding of CF in schools and communities across NSW, and ease the burden for teenagers like Coen.                                                                                   

 Young people with CF across NSW rely on us to make their lives a little easier by providing vital counselling, support and guidance on nutrition and exercise to help people like Coen maintain their mental, emotional and physical health. We run invaluable school education programs for teachers, students and family members, and provide crucial information for people living with cystic fibrosis through our CFBuzz website.

We also fund important medical equipment and offer financial support for families struggling to cope with the enormous cost of managing CF. We couldn’t do any of it without you.

For someone like Coen, your kindness can be a lifeline.

No one should have to face CF alone. With your support, they won’t have to. Thank you.

Cystic Fibrosis NSW

Cystic Fibrosis NSW is committed to the provision of timely, effective, person-centred and evidenced based information and services. We work with people living with cystic fibrosis, their families and carers, and raise awareness about CF with the community. CF NSW provide a range of support services, education and research that will help people with CF now and into the future.


Every 4 days

A baby is born with CF every 4 days. Most won’t turn 40!


1 in 25

1 in 25 people carry the gene. most don't know it!


No Cure

Currently there is no cure for cystic fibrosis. 

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